Damire Wallener EIO CEO


Damir Wallener knows how to move ideas into action and learning into refinement. He has managed multiple startup cycles and positive exits, has experience in all phases of product development, and has an extensive hardware/software patent history. Damir moves seamlessly between business development and the technical team, bringing out the best of both sides of the business process. He also crafts an impressive bourbon.

Tamara Leigh CMO EIO


Tamara Leigh is a sense-maker, connector, and storyteller. An agricultural communications expert with extensive networks in agriculture and food production, media and government, she is responsible for shaping EIO’s story and building relationships. An ag-nerd with a passion for science and research, she uses her communications super-power to help technical  and product development teams hit the mark for great customer experience.

Jeff Sember-min

JEFF SEMBER Software Architect

As a self-taught video game programmer, Jeff developed some best-selling sports titles before returning to university, where he received a Ph.D. in computational geometry. He thrives on solving challenging problems involving algorithms and data structures. Jeff is particularly adept at determining functional and non-functional requirements for novel software applications.

Silvia Bo

SILVIA BON Programmer/Developer

Sylvia Bon is a web developer with a background in Accounts Payable, who found her real passion in programming. Today she is primarily responsible for designing and programming EIO’s product dashboards. Sylvia has a big appreciation for seeing ideas turning into real products, especially those that improve animals’ quality of life.

Booker Washington EIO

BOOKER WASHINGTON Project Manager, Kenya

Booker Washington is an organizer and implementer. An agricultural economist with extensive experience in agriculture and livelihood research within East African region, he has conducted various agricultural research activities for both local and international organizations. Booker has worked with smallholder farmers in the region in close collaboration with governments, a fact that has widened his understanding and appreciation of African agricultural sector.


Cory Spencer, Senior Technical Advisor, Haltwhistle Cheese

David Baar, Technical Advisor, Intellectual Property

Wally Smith, Dairy Advisor, former President of Dairy Farmers of Canada

Bob Nordgren, Livestock Health Advisor, Yield Lab