Our Story

Dairy technology born in a barn.

EIO Diagnostics was started when a dairy farmer decided to find a better tool to monitor udder health to reduce mastitis infections in his herd. He called a friend, and combining their expertise in software, engineering and technology development, the two built the first prototype using a thermal sensor to detect changes in the udder.

By helping solve a problem for one farmer, we have found a way to help many.

Our team is dedicated to providing practical tools for farmers at all scales of production to improve the health of their animals. The UdderHealth™ Mastitis system installs seamlessly into rotary dairy parlors, and we will be expanding into other parlor styles soon.

What started in a small dairy has since developed into a system that works as well for one animal as it does for 10,000. Our prototypes have been tested in commercial dairies with:

  • robotic milking stalls,
  • parallel parlors and
  • large rotaries.

Learn more about no-touch mastitis detection.